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Music For Spas

Elevate your spa experience with Jukeboxy's soothing music for businesses. Create a serene sanctuary that leaves guests rejuvenated and longing for more. Unveil the magic of Jukeboxy and transform your spa into a haven of tranquility.

Jukeboxy In Your Spa

For spa owners, carefully curated music sets the stage for a serene ambiance that fosters relaxation and delight, leaving a lasting impression on their customers. It serves as a unique branding tool, distinguishing the spa from competitors and creating a memorable identity that resonates with clients. Moreover, harmonious melodies can enhance staff motivation and efficiency, improving customer service and overall satisfaction. As for clients, the soulful sounds of carefully selected music envelop clients in a cocoon of tranquility, melting away stress and tension, transforming their spa journey into an unforgettable oasis of rejuvenation and inner harmony. Fitting music seamlessly combined with the spa experience, owners can ensure that every visitor walks out with a sense of renewal and eager anticipation to return for more soothing moments in their sanctuary of well-being.


Music's impact on the body and mind is remarkable. It lowers heart rate, reduces cortisol levels, and releases endorphins, enhancing spa clients' overall sense of well-being. For spa owners, music becomes a powerful tool to ensure customer loyalty and repeat visits. When clients associate positive experiences with the spa's calming ambiance and enchanting melodies, they are more likely to return for future treatments and refer others, further boosting the spa's reputation. Soft and calming genres like ambient, classical, instrumental, and nature sounds are ideal for fostering tranquility and relaxation, helping clients fully unwind during their treatments.

Experience the convenience of Jukeboxy's user-friendly weekly scheduling tool, ensuring hassle-free music management for spa owners. With non-repeating songs for 48 hours, create a seamless listening experience, maintaining a fresh and relaxing ambiance for your clients. Let Jukeboxy take care of copyright and legal concerns with licensing while its innovative curation technology provides diverse moods and genres tailored to create a tranquil sanctuary that keeps clients coming back for more. Elevate your spa's atmosphere with Jukeboxy's music magic and delight your guests with an unforgettable spa journey.

Weekly Scheduling

Jukeboxy's weekly scheduling tool offers spa owners a seamless and efficient way to curate their desired ambiance. With the ability to weekly music scheduling, owners can ensure a continuous flow of soothing music that enhances relaxation for clients. Mixing an unlimited number of playlists in time slots allows spas to provide hours of tranquil and fresh tracks, maintaining an uninterrupted and serene environment that complements the spa experience. This tool simplifies music management, allowing spa owners to focus on delivering a memorable and rejuvenating journey for their valued clients.


Mood and Genre Selection

Jukeboxy's mood and genre selection is an invaluable asset for business owners, offering an extensive library of over 45 million tracks. This vast collection ensures fresh and diverse choices, allowing owners to curate playlists perfectly tailored to their establishment's ambiance. Moreover, Jukeboxy's genre exclusion feature is a helpful tool for spa owners seeking a serene environment. By excluding inappropriate genres, clients can fully immerse themselves in the rejuvenation process without interruptions, ensuring a tranquil and undisturbed experience throughout their visit.


Licensing and Compliance

With a Jukeboxy subscription, spas can rest assured that their background music is fully licensed and compliant with various music industry regulations. This comprehensive coverage includes licensing from major performing rights organizations like ASCAP, BMI, GMR, and SoundExchange in the USA; SOCAN and Re:Sound in Canada for digital streaming rights. Moreover, Jukeboxy's subscription includes licensing from both major and independent record labels, providing a diverse and legal selection of music that elevates the spa's ambiance and enhances the overall guest experience.

Multi-Account Dashboard

Jukeboxy's centralized account management is a game-changer for spa owners, streamlining music control across multiple locations and rooms. With just one login, spa owners can effortlessly manage the music in various areas like saunas and treatment rooms from a single dashboard. This feature allows them to tailor the music selection for each space, creating a customized and immersive experience for clients based on their unique needs. Whether it's relaxing melodies in the treatment rooms or revitalizing tunes in the sauna, spa owners can easily adjust the music remotely, ensuring a seamless and harmonious atmosphere throughout their entire spa network.


Seamless Integration

Jukeboxy Music's availability on multiple platforms offers unparalleled convenience for spa owners, ensuring seamless music integration across various devices. Whether spa managers prefer using smartphones, tablets, computers, or smart speakers like Sonos, they can effortlessly control the music to create the desired ambiance in different areas of their spa. This flexibility allows spa owners to choose the most convenient and cost-effective option that best suits their business needs, making it easier to provide a soothing and personalized listening experience for their valued clients.

Broad music licensing for business use (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR, SoundExchange in the USA, SOCAN and Re:Sound in Canada)

Calm & Eclectic
Eclectic Mix of Relaxing Songs
Relaxing & Calming Classical
Relaxing Classical Music
Early Morning Ambiance
Playlist for a Relaxing Morning
Slow Instrumental Guitar
Slow Tempo Instrumental Acoustic and Classical Guitar Tracks
  • Genre exclusion

    Exclude specific genres from your playlist to create an experience that perfectly complements your brand identity. Genre exclusion feature allows you to streamline the playlists to suit your business better. Whether you prefer a lively atmosphere or a more laid-back setting, you can shape the musical experience for your customers, ensuring every moment is accompanied by the perfect background music.

  • Business and family friendly playlists

    Discover playlists suitable for both business and family settings. You can find versatile selections that suit the diverse tastes of your customers, creating a family-friendly and inclusive musical atmosphere for everyone.

  • Centralized multi-account management

    Efficiently manage multiple accounts from one centralized dashboard for streamlined control. You can manage all your locations with one login under one dashboard, allowing you for swift adjustments to the music in individual locations or across the entire network.

  • Remote Control App

    Take control of your business's music remotely from anywhere in the world with the Jukeboxy Music Manager App. Take charge of your playlists with convenience and flexibility, ensuring your desired atmosphere is just a tap away, no matter where you are.

  • In-store audio messaging system

    Enhance your in-store experience with our audio messaging system. The service is available to all subscribers on the online dashboard. Easily upload your own branded messages to play seamlessly between songs, all at no extra cost.

  • +45 Million Tracks

    Access an extensive library of over 45 million tracks for various musical choices. Jukeboxy features licensed music from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and GMR libraries. Our database ensures a diverse selection, constantly refreshed with the latest popular tracks, keeping our playlists current, fresh, and free from repetition.

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