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Music For Dispensaries

Unlock the power of music to elevate your marijuana dispensary's appeal with Jukeboxy. Our licensed, diverse playlists create a welcoming ambiance, engage customers, and reinforce your brand identity, ensuring a memorable and successful customer experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Jukeboxy In Your Dispensary

Music in a dispensary is a transformative element that creates an immersive and attractive atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression on customers and contributing to the dispensary's success. By setting the perfect tone, music welcomes visitors with a sense of belonging and relaxation, making each visit a memorable and delightful experience. Expertly curated playlists and an extensive library of genres and moods invite diverse demographics, boosting customer experience and resulting in positive perceptions of the dispensary.


In medical marijuana dispensaries, the soothing power of background music creates a healing environment, offering comfort and tranquility to patients. Ultimately, the artful use of music becomes a powerful tool in elevating the dispensary's attractiveness, developing customer loyalty, and shaping its unique brand identity. Captivating customers from the moment they step into the dispensary, the harmony of carefully curated music blends with the aroma of cannabis, creating an immersive journey that elevates the cannabis experience to new heights of delight. Whether it's the soothing melodies accompanying a therapeutic afternoon or the upbeat rhythms that spark creativity and social connections, the right music selection adds a magical touch to every moment. Music in dispensaries becomes the secret ingredient that fuels relaxation and pure excitement, aligning perfectly with the heartbeat of the customers and inviting them to explore, discover, and embrace the diverse world of cannabis. Transform your dispensary with the enchanting power of music and create unforgettable healing experiences filled with joy and cherished memories.

Embrace the extraordinary music experience expertly curated for dispensaries with Jukeboxy. Join the thriving community of marijuana dispensaries that have discovered the transformative impact of music. Jukeboxy offers seamless integration and tailored curation, boosting your dispensary's atmosphere to new heights. Contact us now to unlock the power of music in your dispensary and embark on an unforgettable musical journey for your customers.

Weekly Scheduling

Jukeboxy's weekly scheduling feature allows dispensaries to tailor their music playlists to different times of the day and specific customer demographics. During busy hours, dispensaries can set energetic and upbeat music to create an exciting and inviting atmosphere, encouraging more engagement and social interactions. In contrast, during quieter hours, they can switch to calming and relaxing tunes, promoting a sense of tranquility and comfort for customers. This dynamic scheduling capability ensures that the music always complements the ambiance.


Mood and Genre Selection

With Jukeboxy's genre and mood-based playlists, dispensaries can explore playlists that match their diverse customer base. This feature ensures they provide visitors with an inclusive and enjoyable experience, eliminating common misconceptions about the stereotypical audience. Whether it's energizing beats for a crowded urban dispensary, soothing melodies for a medical-focused location, or ambient tunes for a tranquil atmosphere, Jukeboxy empowers dispensaries to craft the perfect musical journey that aligns with their unique brand identity and meets the preferences of their diverse clientele.


In-Store Messaging

Jukeboxy's branded audio messages feature enhances the dispensary experience, allowing announcements like "Don't forget to check out our weekly deals on CBD products. Get 15% off all CBD oils and topicals today!" These custom messages help inform customers about promotions, new product arrivals, or safety guidelines, creating a seamless and engaging communication channel between the dispensary and its visitors.

Jukeboxy Player Box

Jukeboxy's compact and feature-rich hardware, the Jukeboxy Player Box, is a game-changer for dispensaries. Its affordable price and offline playback function ensure uninterrupted music throughout the day. Dispensaries can effortlessly schedule volume levels, creating the perfect atmosphere for their customers. Whether using AUX input or Bluetooth, the Jukeboxy Player Box easily connects to existing speakers, making it a seamless addition to any dispensary's music setup.


Licensing and Compliance

Jukeboxy ensures worry-free music selection for dispensaries with fully licensed background tracks from major performing rights organizations like ASCAP, BMI, GMR, SoundExchange (USA), SOCAN, and Re:Sound (Canada). With comprehensive coverage for digital music streaming rights, Jukeboxy empowers dispensaries to curate their melodic experience with confidence remaining fully compliant with copyright and licensing requirements.

Broad music licensing for business use (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR, SoundExchange in the USA, SOCAN and Re:Sound in Canada)

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  • Genre exclusion

    Exclude specific genres from your playlist to create an experience that perfectly complements your brand identity. Genre exclusion feature allows you to streamline the playlists to suit your business better. Whether you prefer a lively atmosphere or a more laid-back setting, you can shape the musical experience for your customers, ensuring every moment is accompanied by the perfect background music.

  • Business and family friendly playlists

    Discover playlists suitable for both business and family settings. You can find versatile selections that suit the diverse tastes of your customers, creating a family-friendly and inclusive musical atmosphere for everyone.

  • Centralized multi-account management

    Efficiently manage multiple accounts from one centralized dashboard for streamlined control. You can manage all your locations with one login under one dashboard, allowing you for swift adjustments to the music in individual locations or across the entire network.

  • Remote Control App

    Take control of your business's music remotely from anywhere in the world with the Jukeboxy Music Manager App. Take charge of your playlists with convenience and flexibility, ensuring your desired atmosphere is just a tap away, no matter where you are.

  • In-store audio messaging system

    Enhance your in-store experience with our audio messaging system. The service is available to all subscribers on the online dashboard. Easily upload your own branded messages to play seamlessly between songs, all at no extra cost.

  • +45 Million Tracks

    Access an extensive library of over 45 million tracks for various musical choices. Jukeboxy features licensed music from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and GMR libraries. Our database ensures a diverse selection, constantly refreshed with the latest popular tracks, keeping our playlists current, fresh, and free from repetition.

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