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Latin Businesses

In Latin America, the musical scene is as diverse as its ethnic mix, spanning well beyond the usual genres. At Jukeboxy, we embrace this richness by offering a wide array of Latin music in our library, tailored to various Latin businesses in the USA.

Jukeboxy for Latin Businesses

Integrating music into Latin businesses is important, extending beyond auditory pleasure. Music serves as a universal language that has the exceptional ability to unite cultures, evoke emotions, and craft lasting memories. For Latin businesses, it becomes a dynamic tool to celebrate the vibrant mix of cultures that define South America. By embracing diverse musical genres and rhythms, these establishments can curate an all-encompassing atmosphere that resonates with individuals from every background. This atmosphere enhances the overall experience and fosters a sense of community and connection among customers.


Jukeboxy emerges as a pivotal asset in this journey, offering tailored solutions that match the unique needs of Latin businesses. With its expansive collection of Latin music, Jukeboxy captures the essence of various cultures, honoring the diverse legacy of traditions and histories. From the soulful echoes of bolero to the energizing beats of salsa, Jukeboxy facilitates a musical journey that invites all individuals to find common ground in their diverse roots. The platform's dedication to encompassing the spectrum of Latin music ensures an environment where people from different walks of life can find a connection, sparking conversations and shared appreciation. Beyond providing background tunes, Jukeboxy fosters an inclusive experience that seamlessly blends with the beat of Latin cultures.

Elevate your Latin business's ambience with Jukeboxy's captivating music solution. Our thoughtfully curated playlists, extensive music library, and user-friendly scheduling features empower you to craft the perfect atmosphere, enchanting your clientele and enriching their overall experience. Whether it's a warm gathering or a spirited celebration, Jukeboxy offers a harmonious soundtrack for every occasion. Join the ever-expanding circle of satisfied Latin business owners and elevate your establishment to new heights through the magic of music. Subscribe to Jukeboxy today and uncover the transformative impact it can bring to your Latin business.

Licencing and Compliance

The extensive licensing coverage from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange, and GMR in the USA, collaborating with major and indie record labels ensures compliance with music regulations. Through these comprehensive licensing arrangements, Jukeboxy grants you access to an expansive catalogue of 40 million songs. By selecting Jukeboxy, you can be completely assured that the music resonating in your establishment is impeccably licensed, guaranteeing due recognition for musical artists and publishers.


Expertly Curated Playlists

Jukeboxy's expert curators craft unique playlists for all types of businesses, including Latin establishments, delivering brand-enhancing soundscapes. Our playlists are refreshed daily to prevent repetition, and our technology ensures seamless transitions between tracks. Preserve your cultural essence with our genre exclusion option, and rest assured that explicit lyrics are filtered out to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere. Jukeboxy empowers your business to connect with customers, build brand loyalty, and create the perfect sonic ambiance.


Weekly Scheduling

Streamline your business's ambience effortlessly using our scheduling tool. With options for hourly, daily, or weekly playlists, you'll enjoy hassle-free automated background music. Our smart technology ensures smooth transitions and consistent volume levels across all tracks. Create a unique atmosphere by layering playlists and mixing genres using Manager's dashboard. Take full control by excluding genres, incorporating audio messages, remotely updating playlists, and tracking excluded songs.

Manager App

Enhance your music management seamlessly, whether it's for a single locale or a sprawling network. Our comprehensive toolkit empowers you with versatile options. The Manager App centralizes control, enabling adjustments to playlists, skipping tracks, and crafting unique selections via the "DJ Set" feature. Complementing this, the Online Dashboard offers convenient browser-based access for remote playlist updates, setting refinements, ad uploads, and the oversight of song exclusions. Especially beneficial for multi-location owners, this unified dashboard facilitates efficient management across all venues. For deeper insights into the capabilities of these tools, don't hesitate to connect with us.


Multi-Account Dashboard

Experience the convenience of centralized account management- whether you have 3 or 3,000 accounts. With a single login, our unified dashboard lets you effortlessly oversee all your locations. From changing music remotely in one or multiple establishments to accessing track history, excluding specific genres, artists, or songs, and seamlessly copying weekly playlist schedules across various venues, we provide the tools you need. Tailored for Latin businesses, this feature ensures that your unique musical essence remains intact across your establishments. Add or remove accounts with ease and more. Embrace streamlined control and enhance your Latin business's atmosphere effortlessly.

Broad music licensing for business use (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR, SoundExchange in the USA, SOCAN and Re:Sound in Canada)

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Christmas Latin
Christmas Latin Songs
Popular Latin - High Tempo
Best of High Tempo Latin Music
  • Genre exclusion

    Exclude specific genres from your playlist to create an experience that perfectly complements your brand identity. Genre exclusion feature allows you to streamline the playlists to suit your business better. Whether you prefer a lively atmosphere or a more laid-back setting, you can shape the musical experience for your customers, ensuring every moment is accompanied by the perfect background music.

  • Business and family friendly playlists

    Discover playlists suitable for both business and family settings. You can find versatile selections that suit the diverse tastes of your customers, creating a family-friendly and inclusive musical atmosphere for everyone.

  • Centralized multi-account management

    Efficiently manage multiple accounts from one centralized dashboard for streamlined control. You can manage all your locations with one login under one dashboard, allowing you for swift adjustments to the music in individual locations or across the entire network.

  • Remote Control App

    Take control of your business's music remotely from anywhere in the world with the Jukeboxy Music Manager App. Take charge of your playlists with convenience and flexibility, ensuring your desired atmosphere is just a tap away, no matter where you are.

  • In-store audio messaging system

    Enhance your in-store experience with our audio messaging system. The service is available to all subscribers on the online dashboard. Easily upload your own branded messages to play seamlessly between songs, all at no extra cost.

  • +45 Million Tracks

    Access an extensive library of over 45 million tracks for various musical choices. Jukeboxy features licensed music from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and GMR libraries. Our database ensures a diverse selection, constantly refreshed with the latest popular tracks, keeping our playlists current, fresh, and free from repetition.

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