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In-Store Audio Messaging

In-store audio advertising has emerged as a powerful tool to raise product awareness and communicate benefits more effectively than out-of-store advertising.

Why You Should Use In Store Messaging?

Audio advertising has revolutionized how businesses reach their audiences, evolving from the traditional catchy jingles on radio to a more targeted and efficient channel. Unlike conventional radio ads, in-store messaging offers the added benefit of reaching an audience already interested in products and promoting sales, events, and essential information. When combined with background music, this powerful strategy can lead to increased sales and customer engagement. In-store audio advertising or in-store messaging stands out as an influential marketing strategy that can create impulse purchases and boost sales. Studies show that two-thirds of purchasing decisions are made in-store, making in-store audio ads a highly effective tool. Products that benefit from touch or scent interaction, such as clothing or food, are especially prone to impulse buying through audio advertising. By implementing this strategy, businesses can engage customers on a deeper level, increasing in-store sales.


In-store messaging offers a unique advantage in customer engagement, with higher listen-through rates compared to other ad formats. A study reveals that audio ads have a 24% higher recall rate than traditional display ads, making a lasting impression on consumers. By combining audience targeting with consumer-friendly placements, advertisers can achieve a high level of engagement.

Recording Service

You can upload your already recorded messages or work with our in-house voice talents if you prefer a professional recording. For professional recordings, we'll connect you with one of our skilled voice talents to record your messages with or without background music after a brief consultation. You can review and approve the recording, ensuring it meets your expectations. Once approved, you can upload the final recording to your Jukeboxy dashboard. If you manage multiple accounts, you can use the same audio message across all locations.

Scheduling Ads

Jukeboxy's in-store audio messaging service makes scheduling ads flexible and customizable. You can set the frequency of ads to play between 1 to 10 songs according to your needs. For those who prefer more specific timing, an additional feature allows for scheduling ads at precise moments and days, enhancing the control over your in-store messaging. Contacting Jukeboxy provides further information on this robust feature, ensuring your ads are played at the perfect times to engage customers. You can contact us at 844-666-5853 to learn more about the scheduled ads or for all your questions.


Uploading Messages

Jukeboxy Manager Dashboard makes uploading in-store audio advertising effortless and quick. If you have pre-recorded messages, you can upload an unlimited number of them to play between songs, choosing a song frequency from 1 to 10, or even scheduling ads at specific times. If you don't have pre-recorded messages, Jukeboxy offers professional assistance to create messages that align with your brand's identity, ensuring seamless integration into your in-store experience.

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Casino Audio Ad Sample
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Restaurant Audio Ad Sample
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Retail Store Ad Sample
University Audio Ad Sample
University Audio Ad Sample
  • Genre exclusion

    Exclude specific genres from your playlist to create an experience that perfectly complements your brand identity. Genre exclusion feature allows you to streamline the playlists to suit your business better. Whether you prefer a lively atmosphere or a more laid-back setting, you can shape the musical experience for your customers, ensuring every moment is accompanied by the perfect background music.

  • Business and family friendly playlists

    Discover playlists suitable for both business and family settings. You can find versatile selections that suit the diverse tastes of your customers, creating a family-friendly and inclusive musical atmosphere for everyone.

  • Centralized multi-account management

    Efficiently manage multiple accounts from one centralized dashboard for streamlined control. You can manage all your locations with one login under one dashboard, allowing you for swift adjustments to the music in individual locations or across the entire network.

  • Remote Control App

    Take control of your business's music remotely from anywhere in the world with the Jukeboxy Music Manager App. Take charge of your playlists with convenience and flexibility, ensuring your desired atmosphere is just a tap away, no matter where you are.

  • In-store audio messaging system

    Enhance your in-store experience with our audio messaging system. The service is available to all subscribers on the online dashboard. Easily upload your own branded messages to play seamlessly between songs, all at no extra cost.

  • +45 Million Tracks

    Access an extensive library of over 45 million tracks for various musical choices. Jukeboxy features licensed music from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and GMR libraries. Our database ensures a diverse selection, constantly refreshed with the latest popular tracks, keeping our playlists current, fresh, and free from repetition.

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