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Explore Jukeboxy's displayed playlists tailored just for you. With an extensive range of tracks spanning genres and moods, our expertly curated playlists bring you the ultimate music experience. Immerse yourself in the music by discovering our playlists and subscribe to uncover even more musical delights.

Broad music licensing for business use (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR, SoundExchange in the USA, SOCAN and Re:Sound in Canada)

2020's Country
Most Popular Country Songs of The Decade: 2020's
2020's Pop
Most Popular Songs of The Decade: 2020's
70's, 80's, 90's Radio Hits
Biggest Pop/Rock/Disco Radio Hits of All Time
After Massage Therapy
Mellow After Massage Spa Music
Afternoon Indie
Best of Indie and Nu Disco Music
Best of Bachata
Best Sing Along
All The Songs You Love To Sing
Calm & Eclectic
Eclectic Mix of Relaxing Songs
Christmas Latin
Christmas Latin Songs
Classic Rock
Best Of Classic Rock
Coffee House Eclectic
Eclectic Mix of Easy Listening Songs
Coffee Shop - High Tempo
High Tempo Eclectic Playlist for Coffee Shops
Coffee Shop - Slow Tempo
Slow Tempo Easy Listening Playlist for Coffee Shops
Early Morning Ambiance
Playlist for a Relaxing Morning
Energetic & Eclectic
Eclectic Mix of Energy Filled Hits
Funk and Soul Hits All Day
Mix of Funk and Soul Hits for All Day
Funk Dance
Funk Dance Tunes for Dance Party
Funky & Groovy
Funky & Groovy Mood Setters
High Tempo Indie Dance
Best of Indie Dance Music
Hilton Chill Lobby Music
Custom Playlist for Hilton
Hotel Lobby Mellow Vibe
Blend of Bossa Nova, Lounge and Jazz Music
Indie Pop
Uplifting Indie Pop Tunes
Jazzy Brunch
Mix of Jazz and Trip Hop Music
Lounge Music
Chilled Acid Jazz & Trip Hop
Mellow Alternative Indie
Mellow Alternative Indie Rock Songs
Popular Alternative
Alternative Indie Hits from Popular Artists
Popular Country Hits
Country Hits from Popular Artists
Popular Latin - High Tempo
Best of High Tempo Latin Music
Regional Mexican Playlist
Regional Mexican Songs
Relaxing & Calming Classical
Relaxing Classical Music
Relaxing Songs
Mellow Songs for a Relaxing Atmosphere
Slow Instrumental Guitar
Slow Tempo Instrumental Acoustic and Classical Guitar Tracks
Smooth Rock
Best of Smooth Rock Songs
Soft Rock
Best of Soft Rock Songs
Top 100
Top Chart Current Songs
Upbeat Happy Hour
Upbeat Songs for The Happy Hour
Wine Bar Lounge Music
Chill Lounge Music

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Jukeboxy made having good music not only painless but enjoyable. From installing equipment to curating incredible playlists, they did the work so we could focus on running the business. Will definitely recommend to anyone needing a music solution.

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